Post India - The processing begins!

As you can probably tell from my recent uploads, I have returned from my trip to India.  And what would a trip to India be without a trip to the magnificent Taj Mahal?  As a photographer, the Taj presents a number of challenges.  First major challenge is the crowds.  How to get that shot without people crawling all over it like ants?  Second challenge is how to capture something that is at least somewhat different from the standard view of the Taj.

Well, the first challenge was partly addressed by visiting early in the morning.  Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of Indian queuing and security, it took me about 45 minutes longer to get in than I had originally anticipated.  But I was still early enough to find some scenes without millions of ants - sorry, humans ;) - crawling all over the building.  The second challenge was addressed partly at the time by keeping my eyes open for something striking or interesting (often places where there weren't a lot of other people photographing), and partly in post-processing by converting to black and white (along with some other little tricks).  And some of those "other little tricks" are what also helped me to get rid of unwanted people in the scene.

In my next blog post I will detail the making of one such image (below) and show you a good trick for getting rid of people (and pigeons!) out of a scene.