Free Camera Rental?

I've just used a trick I've used before to get some new equipment for a trip.  For my upcoming India trip, ideally I would like a smaller 'street' camera to use in busy markets and the like.  I've had my eye on a Fujifilm X100S (and more recently the X100T) for quite a while, but couldn't really justify the expense of owning one.  So I'm effectively aiming to rent a camera for free by purchasing a second hand unit for my trip, which I will sell on my return.  As long as I get close to my purchase amount (which I should, given it will only be a couple of months later), it will be a cheap rental.  So I've just bought an X100 on Ebay, which while being 4 years old technology, will still be a more than adequate camera for street photography.  Now I'm a happy photographer! (what photographer isn't happy with new toys to play with?).  I've still got my eye on a couple of second hand X100S's, though, so I might wind up with a little collection of the things... ;)