Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my blog, everyone, where I hope to keep you informed of my photography activities and some photography tips and tricks from time to time.  In these early days, I will be learning the ropes for conducting e-commerce via the 'squarespace' platform that I use for my website.  Prints will be listed for sale, but in some cases, depending on where you are, the fulfillment process will be unknown until I actually try and fill your order.  With time I will get a better grip on which printers to use for which countries.  If you would like to order a print that isn't listed for sale (you may also find extra images on my flickr, facebook and google+ pages), please feel free to contact me and I can arrange the sale.  If you are interested in licensing any of my work, you can do so via my 500px page.

Thank-you for checking out my work, and any comments and feedback are welcome.